Setup a Postback URL for Conversion Tracking

A Postback URL is used by affiliate networks to track conversions and send data such as conversion value and type, product name etc.

To set up a Postback URL in our Platform, go to Settings section and find the Postback URL section on the left:

Here you can edit your URL and add parameters. Click the Add Parameter button to add more.

Make sure your URL is in a valid form:

{postback url}?{parameter1 name}={parameter1 value}&{parameter2 name}={parameter2 value}...

On the right, you’ll see a list of Macros that will be filled in automatically for you by us:

For example, if you write your URL as{click_id}

The click_id Publisher’s Macro will be added as a value for your parameter clickId_param in the final Postback URL.

Once you are done, click on Save Postback URL.