Setup your Postback

Login in MYAPPFREE platform and setup your postback in Settings ➝ Postback

Append to your postback the macros you need to receive from us, the list below is a full list of available macros.

Placeholder in Postback Example Description
{click_id} 6a204bd89f3c8348afd5c77c717a097a Publisher click ID
{user_id} U9221 User ID passed by the publisher
{gaid} cdda802e-fb9c-47ad-9866-0794d394c912 Google advertising ID / GAID – unique per user
{ios_idfa} EA7583CD-A667-48BC-B806-42ECB2B48606 iOS advertising ID / IDFA – unique per user
{adid} cdda802e-fb9c-47ad-9866-0794d394c912 Generic advertising ID
{aff_site} 1001 Affsite ID, sub source fo the publisher
{conversion_country} US Country code ISO sent by MMP
{site_id} angrybirds Publisher’s App name
{user_agent} Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; CPU iPhone OS 10_3_1 like Mac OS X) AppleWebKit/603.1.30 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/10.0 Mobile/14E304 Safari/602.1 Click user agent
{payout} 3 Conversion payout in USD
{install_id} 256654 MAF conversion ID, unique ID per conversion
{campaign_id} 235584 MAF campaign ID
{event_name} Registration Event name, unique per event
{unix_timestamp} 1671359055 Unix conversion timestamp (= total seconds from 1970, January 1st)
{session_ip} User Click IP
{product_name} Candy Crush The name of the promoted app
{campaign_name} candy_crush_ios_us The campaign/offer name
{aff_sub2}, {aff_sub3}, {aff_sub4}, {aff_sub5} Custom parameters, optional for other data storing

Example Postback{click_id}&user_id={user_id}&geo={conversion_country}&payout={payout}&conversion_id={install_id}&campaign={campaign_id}&event={event_name}

In the example above, the publisher is receiving both the click_id and the user_id, however most of the time the only mandatory field you would need are {user_id}, {payout} and {event_name}. The value in {install_id} is used to be sure not to credit the user more than one time, because it’s a unique value per single transaction recorded.
The macro {event_name} is useful in case of multi-reward campaigns because it will store the unique alias of the event (i.e. “registration”).