Integrate your Ad Unit in your Website

Before reading this guide, remember to check our docs on How to Connect your Website/App to the Platform and How to Create an Ad Unit.

Once you’ve done, go to Sites and find the Ad Unit you previously created:

Then click on the Integration button on the right side:

A new pop-up window will appear:

Here you’ll find

  • An iframe code you can copy and paste in your website to embed the Ad Unit
  • A Whitelist of IP addresses: All the Ad Units should originate from one of the following IPs
    • remember to whitelist these IPs in your Postback
  • A list of Macros you can add to the iframe’s src parameter
    • e.g. In this screenshot, user_id is listed as a Macro and is inserted in the src parameter as ...&user_id=&..., while cid is not a Macro and is inserted as ...&cid=2595027&...
  • A Documentation button that will redirect you to this page