Setup the Offerwall (iFrame integration)

To integrate MyChips offerwall on your website you will need to place an iframe in the HTML.

<iframe id="mychips-ow-iframe" src="{click_id}&user_id={user_id}&aff_sub1={user_id}&gender={gender}&age={age}"></iframe>

The list of parameters available is shown below

cid255448yesprovided by your AM
pid2544yesprovided by your AM
user_idU9221yesUnique User Identifier
aff_sub1U9221yesUnique User Identifier
gendermnoTo improve eCPC – supports “m”, “f”, “n”
age45noTo improve eCPC
aff_sub2, aff_sub3, aff_sub4, aff_sub5noAdditional parameters to receive back in the postback