Transforming advertising into discovery

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Our mission

We are dedicated to assisting app developers in transforming their apps into successful businesses and making the app economy more vibrant and prosperous.

Our story

The origins

MAF’s story began in 2012 when our founders created their first app, myAppFree. Although the app quickly gained popularity and an impressive number of downloads, monetizing it proved challenging. After struggling to find a network suitable for smaller publishers, the founders decided to take matters into their own hands. In 2016, MAF started its journey as a network, offering a new monetization solution for all publishers worldwide.

The evolution

Since then, we have built an international team of experts dedicated to helping publishers monetize their mobile audience. Today, MAF supports both established brands and digital startups, all with a clear vision: Transforming advertising into discovery.

Our values


We encourage ideas

We value open communication and welcome different perspectives to help us grow as individuals and as a company.


We strive for greatness

As a team, we work hard to improve ourselves and our products, and questioning and challenging our ideas is a key part of this process.


We embrace change

We drive value for our clients by embracing change and exploring new ideas in the constantly evolving app economy.

Our team

Our team is made up of talented individuals from all corners of the globe united by their passion for mobile advertising, ready to make your ads worth discovering.

Our founders

Riccardo Fuzzi

Riccardo Fuzzi

CEO & Founder

Alessandro Del Grano

Alessandro Del Grano

CCO & Founder

Massimo Caroli

Massimo Caroli

COO & Founder

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