Ultimate Checklist for Choosing an In-App Offerwall Partner

We're bringing you a list of 14 important factors to consider when choosing an in-app offerwall partner!

You’re thinking about monetizing your app with an in-app offerwall?

Great thinking — after all, offerwalls are the most lucrative ad format out there. But, you’re not quite sure what exactly to pay attention to in this process? 

We’re here to help you out with this. 

In this article, we’re going over 14 important factors to consider when choosing an in-app offerwall partner!

1. User Experience

You worked hard on the UX of your app.

Then make sure it doesn’t get ruined by your ad choices, including offerwall ads.

By definition, offerwalls are intended to be a non-intrusive ad format, providing users with a seamless and positive experience.

Therefore, when choosing an in-app offerwall to place in your app, pay attention to its design and functionality. A good offerwall is visually appealing, interactive, loads quickly, and provides clear instructions for users. 

2. Seamless Integration

Aside from the offerwall’s user experience, it is also important to consider how it fits into the bigger picture — the overall app experience

When choosing a potential offerwall partner, check if their in-app offerwalls can be placed in different strategic locations. For example, the app’s menu, shop, or home screen. 

Another thing to check is if the offerwall’s design can be customized to fit your app. Making sure the offerwall seamlessly fits into your app creates a smooth experience for users, keeping them engaged and satisfied.

MAF’s Business Development Manager, Yernar Omarzhanov, puts it like this: “Selecting an offerwall partner to monetize your app is a super important strategic decision. It’s not just about finding a provider —  it’s about choosing a reliable partner who understands and shares your app’s values and user experience goals.”

3. Advertiser Quality

in-app offerwall diversity

Another important factor for choosing an in-app offerwall is the quality of advertisers’ offers that appear in it. 

No one wants their app to host overcrowded offerwalls with a list of shady advertisers. To eliminate this concern, pick out an offerwall provider that works with quality advertisers only. 

Checking for ad quality is quite intuitive. 

Quality offerwalls usually feature a solid number of advertisers — not too many, not too few.

Besides the number of advertisers, pay attention to the names on the “wall”. Typically, quality offerwalls feature some well-known app titles, along with new and lesser-known releases from trustworthy developers. 

4. Relevant Offers

To provide your app users with a truly great user experience, make sure the offers they see match their demographics and interests

Let’s say your app mainly attracts 30-year-old women interested in fashion.

In this case, the offerwall should display ads that might be interesting to this target audience. 

To achieve this, select an in-app offerwall with advanced targeting capabilities. This includes features like geographic targeting, behavioral targeting, and user segmentation.

When in-app offerwalls are relevant to users, the publisher can expect better retention rates and ad revenue. According to ironSource, offerwall users generally have 5-7x higher retention rates than non-offerwall users.

5. Offer Diversity

offerwall multi-reward

Modern offerwalls should contain “something for everyone”.

Different users are likely to engage with different offers. 

For this reason, look for an in-app offerwall that lists different actions, such as downloading an app, subscribing, completing a level, etc. 

Besides listing different actions, it’s also positive when an offerwall features different ad formats

Besides classic, single-action ads where users need to complete only one task to receive a reward, quality offerwalls also feature multi-reward offers. In this ad format, users need to complete a set of actions to earn rewards.

A prime example of a diverse offerwall is MyChips, which combines single-action ads, multi-reward ads, and special P2E ads, offering users a wide range of goal engagements.

in-app offerwall partner expert quote

Our offerwall expert, Yernar Omarzhanov, adds another important point: “One of the most important things to pay attention to is the partner’s ability to offer diverse and high-quality ad inventory that your userbase will enjoy. Only if you ensure this, you can expect high engagement and user satisfaction levels. 

Then there’s transparency, clear communication, fair payouts, and reliable payment schedules. The key is to find a partner that not only maximizes ad revenue potential but also creates a positive relationship with your users, driving long-term engagement and loyalty.”

6. Offer Freshness 

Speaking of the offers available on the offerwall, another thing to consider is their freshness.

Put yourself in the shoes of an active offerwall user. 

Would you like to come back to the same stale list of offers every time? 

Probably not.

When choosing an in-app offerwall, ensure the provider regularly updates the content available on the wall. This practice keeps users engaged and motivated to return to the offerwall. Plus, it minimizes the risk of users running out of offers to complete. 

To keep their offers fresh and attractive, quality offerwall providers utilize special offerwall promotions. These are time-limited promotions that allow users to earn multiplied rewards. This is usually done during weekends and holidays. For example, Christmas, New Year’s Halloween, etc. 

7. Preventing Ad Fraud

Mobile ad fraud is a serious issue in mobile advertising, where scammers fabricate clicks, impressions, or even installs. 

The good news is that offerwalls are rarely a target of ad fraud.

Because offerwalls require user engagement and in-app progression, pretending to be a real user is almost impossible. 

Nevertheless, to eliminate this risk, it’s important to check what your potential in-app offerwall provider does to combat ad fraud. You can do this by examining their review process, MMP integrations, and fraud detection technologies.

8. Integration Process

In the process of selecting an in-app offerwall, make sure to explore what their integration process looks like. 

How long does it take to integrate the offerwall? What are the technical requirements for integration? Is there a testing environment? 

To ensure a positive integration process, consider offerwall providers who will answer these questions through comprehensive documentation, SDKs, and strong technical support. 

9. Reporting Tools 

When it comes to reporting expectations, offerwall ads are no different from other in-app ad formats.

Data is the cornerstone of successful offerwall monetization.

For this reason, offerwall providers must be able to deliver detailed analytics and reporting. To evaluate the reporting capabilities of a potential partner, ask them about the following: 

  • Integration with third-party analytics platforms
  • Data granularity
  • Real-time reporting
  • Customization options

10. eCPM Expectations

It’s common knowledge that in-app offerwalls deliver the highest eCPMs out of all ad formats.

This is certainly something to look forward to.

To check if the offerwall provider can reach your monetization targets, discuss the expected eCPMs with them. For example, you can ask about their average eCPM rates for similar apps, considering different locations and times of the year.

11. Expertise and Reputation

All companies promise expertise and reliability, including in-app offerwall providers. 

Yet, some of them are simply better than others. 

To be able to recognize this, analyze their market presence. Check out their website, the list of companies they worked with, how long they have been in the business, and — ask questions. 

For example, you can ask them about the number of publishers they currently collaborate with and how long they have been working together. If an offerwall provider has a lengthy list of long-term partnerships, you can consider this a green flag. 

Doing this research should help you assess the provider’s reliability, reputation, and satisfaction among users and developers. 

12. Account Management Style

Another question to ask a potential in-app offerwall partner is who will be in charge of your account. 

Is it a team of people, or one person? Who can you turn to when you have questions and requests? 

At MAF, we pride ourselves on our dedicated team of account managers. Each client is assigned a personal account manager who provides all the support and guidance you might need. 

13. Customer Support

offerwall customer support mychips

Technical issues happen to everyone.

Heck, even Facebook and Instagram experience occasional crashes or bugs. 

In-app offerwalls are no exception. 

For example, sometimes, users may complete an offer but experience a delay in receiving the reward. 

In such situations, they’ll probably want to contact someone to find out what happened. Having reliable customer support to turn to makes users feel positive about the host app and the offerwall, and encourages them to continue using them. 

Therefore, when selecting an in-app offerwall, don’t forget to check how good their customer support system is.

14. Revenue and Payment Arrangement

After you establish that an in-app offerwall provider might be a good fit for your app, it’s time to talk finances. 

This information typically isn’t available on company websites but is something to discuss after contacting the company.

When it comes to this, be clear and to the point. 

Your goal here should be to understand the payment conditions and the revenue-sharing arrangement between you and the provider. To find this out, discuss details like payment frequency, preferred methods of payment, and reporting procedures.

Your In-App Offerwall Match

Everything on this checklist comes from MAF’s extensive experience with offerwall monetization.

Our in-app offerwall, MyChips, can help you squeeze every drop of revenue from your app while while maintaining a great app experience. Reach out to us directly and let’s discuss things in more detail! 

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