Special Offerwall Promotions: Boosting Engagement and Revenue

Special offerwall promotions are a tried-and-tested strategy for attracting users and boosting performance. Learn all about them!

Everyone likes a good deal, and offerwall users are no exception. 

Offerwall users act as smart investors who want to maximize the return on their time and engagement. To give these users what they are looking for, many publishers utilize special offerwall promotions

This tried-and-true strategy not only pleases users but also helps publishers and advertisers significantly improve their results.

Here’s how. 

What Are Special Offerwall Promotions?

special offerwall promotions example

Special offerwall promotions are time-limited promotions that allow users to earn multiplied currency rewards. For example, 2x, 3x, or even 5x the standard offerwall payout. This is typically done over weekends and holidays. 

While publishers increase offerwall rewards, advertisers can raise their bids to attract more attention during the promotion.

Also known as “multiple credit promotions” and “currency sales”, these promotions are a proven way to captivate users and improve offerwall performance.

Top Benefits of Running Special Offerwall Promotions 

There are many reasons publishers use special offerwall promotions – here are just some of them. 

  • Increasing user motivation. Through special offerwall promotions, users earn more rewards for completing the usual goal engagements. This creates a strong motivation to interact with the offerwall and maximize their currency earnings. 
  • Attracting a wide range of users. These promotions can help attract more active users, re-engage inactive ones, but also introduce completely new users to the offerwall. 
  • Engagement and revenue growth. This type of promotion delivers superb results across all the main offerwall performance metrics – engagement rates, revenue, and ARPDAU. 
  • Post-promotion impact. The impact of offerwall promotions stretches beyond the promotion’s end date. Due to their time-demanding nature, they can yield performance boosts in the following days and weeks. 
  • Win-win-win situation. These promotions benefit all parties involved. Publishers get a revenue and retention boost, advertisers get more traffic and engagements, and users get extra rewards. 

Offerwall Promotion Statistics

special offerwall promotions results

At MAF, we have extensive experience in running special offerwall promotions on MyChips, our discovery-based advertising platform. 

To evaluate the effect of these promotions, we compared the data from multiple regular weekends to those with promo campaigns (2x payout). Our data showed striking results in favor of weekend promotions, with an average of:

  • 35% engagement rate increase
  • 12% conversion rate increase 
  • 98% revenue growth 

Best Practices for Running Special Offerwall Promotions

Wondering how to get the most out of special offerwall promotions? 

Here are MAF’s established best practices derived from years of experience managing offerwall promos for different clients.

1. Don’t Overdo it 

If you were to run offerwall promotions every couple of days, this wouldn’t bring the desired results.

The thing is, these promotions need to feel exclusive.

As a rule of thumb, it’s recommended to run offerwall promotions 1-2 times a month. Less than that can lead to potential revenue loss, while any more could make the promotions less appealing. 

2. Make the Promotion Visible

To make users aware of the promotion, publishers can notify them about it in many different ways – through push notifications, banners, pop-ups, emails, or custom creatives.

But what’s more important than the form of the notification is the message it contains

The promotion announcement should clearly communicate the benefit and encourage users to act quickly. For example, a promotion that notifies users about doubled rewards can benefit from using phrases like “limited-time”, “2x” and “double value”.

3. Highlight Old vs. New Reward

old vs new reward

The moment users land on the offerwall, they should be aware of the promotion and the value it brings. 

The best way to accomplish this is to create an effective wall UI that allows users to compare the regular reward to the promotional one. This is typically done by crossing out the standard reward while highlighting the new one next to it. 

4. Capitalize on Holidays

It’s no secret that app traffic spikes during weekends and holidays.

Make sure to use this to your advantage. 

Leveraging promotions during holiday periods maximizes your chances of gaining visibility and increasing revenue. 

For example, in the US, we have a proven track record of achieving superb results during holidays like New Year’s weekend, Thanksgiving weekend, Christmas week, Valentine’s Day, and Halloween

5. Test Different Reward Amounts

Would you rather buy clothes at a 20% or 50% discount?

Well, offerwall users think similarly – the more generous the promotion, the more likely they are to engage with it.

For this reason, a 3x reward multiplier almost always delivers higher numbers than a 2x multiplier. According to ironSource, doubling rewards increases engagement rate by 60% while tripling them brings a 65% increase

However, if you constantly give too much, the rewards will eventually lose their charm. For this reason, we recommend testing different reward amounts and evaluating their long-term impact. 

6. Ensure a Long-Lasting Impact

We already mentioned how offerwall promotions deliver results even after they end.

If you want to maximize this effect, note this – the deeper the events on the offerwall, the longer the revenue will continue to come in. 

multireward campagins promotion

To harness this potential, we suggest using an offerwall that offers immersive campaign types. The MyChips offerwall stands as a reliable option, offering engaging ad formats like Multireward and Play2Earn

Such ad formats keep users engaged for a long period of time, boosting the effect of special offerwall promotions for weeks after they finish. 


Ready to Reap the Benefits of Special Offerwall Promotions?

Interested in growing your app with special offerwall promotions?

MAF can help you out with this – reach out to us and let’s work together to craft the perfect promotion strategy for your app!

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