Unico Studio Sees +43% ROAS Increase with MyChips in Japan

Check how MyChips powered by MAF helped Unico Studio achieve impressive ROAS across multiple Tier 1 markets.
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Unico Studio is a California-based mobile game development company founded in 2018. Since its launch, the studio has evolved into one of the world’s leading mobile game publishers. 

Initially focusing on word games, in 2019, they launched their breakthrough hit, Brain Test. This game offers hundreds of unique trick puzzle levels filled with humor and logic. Today, Unico has over 40 different titles in its portfolio, strongly focusing on developing brain puzzle games. Recently, the studio reached a major milestone — 1 billion downloads across its portfolio. In addition, they have received the prestigious Top Publisher Award from Data.ai.


Although Unico Studio has a lengthy list of hit titles, like all other game studios today, it faces certain user acquisition challenges.

The casual mobile gaming market is incredibly crowded, and standing out is difficult for both big and small companies.

The primary challenge Unico faced was gaining visibility and traction for its games in a highly competitive market. 

For instance, they wanted to increase the visibility of their puzzle titles such as Sudoku: Brain Puzzle Game (2M+ downloads) and Gemdoku: Wood Block Puzzle (1M+ downloads). Although both of these games have over a million downloads, they haven’t fulfilled their full potential.

Another challenge was acquiring high-value, engaged users who would spend more time playing their games. With traditional mobile ad networks, they struggled to achieve the desired retention rates, engagement rates, and ROAS. 


Looking for a user acquisition partner to tackle these challenges, Unico came across MAF’s advertising solutions. 

Unico chose MAF due to its proven track record in driving high-quality user acquisitions and its ability to tailor campaigns to their specific needs. 

They were particularly impressed by MAF’s ability to optimize campaigns for maximum ROI and its expertise in managing deep-funnel events, ensuring sustained user engagement over time.

To achieve desired results, Unico leveraged MyChips, MAF’s discovery-based advertising solution known for driving high-value app users.

In addition to this, the two companies quickly connected through their matching collaboration style. MAF’s open communication, proactive approach, feedback, and recommendations helped Unico fine-tune its strategies and effectively achieve its goals.


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The collaboration between MAF and Unico has brought even better results than initially anticipated. 

MAF has helped Unico overcome its challenges by delivering significantly higher ROAS compared to conventional ad networks, also outperforming other offerwall networks. 

Moreover, with MAF’s assistance, Unico expanded its reach in Tier 1 markets such as Japan and South Korea, alongside the US. 

By leveraging MyChips, Unico saw a remarkable +23% increase in ROAS in the United States. In South Korea and Japan, the ROAS increase was even more impressive at +34% and +43%, respectively.

These results across top markets not only boosted Unico’s game downloads but also contributed to better player engagement and monetization.

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Looking Ahead

Driven by these strong achievements and great collaboration, the partnership between Unico and MAF is still going strong.

Leveraging the unique strengths of MyChips, the two companies continue to explore new opportunities to grow and expand.

Facing the same challenges as Unico? MAF can help you grow your app userbase. If you’re interested in reaching quality users with MyChips, feel free to get in touch with us directly to learn more!

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