10 Reasons Offerwall Monetization Is a Game Changer

Thinking about broadening your monetization strategy? We're bringing you 10 compelling reasons to opt for offerwall monetization.

Want to squeeze every drop of revenue from your app or website? 

Consider adding offerwall monetization to your strategy.

Offerwalls are not made to be the sole source of revenue, but they can work wonders if you include them in your existing strategy. This ad format has proven its worth for different businesses, and more and more publishers are starting to recognize its potential. 

We’re bringing you 10 compelling reasons to explore offerwall monetization!

1. Versatility 

Offerwall monetization is traditionally associated with mobile games. 

This is because this ad format has an impressive track record of boosting revenues for mid-core RPGs and strategy games, as well as casual genres like puzzle, lifestyle, and arcade games. 

But, their potential extends beyond gaming. 

Offerwall monetization can also be a valuable option for non-gaming apps. For example, it could be used in news, shopping, social media, and entertainment apps. These are types of apps where users frequently engage with different features, making offerwalls a seamless and rewarding addition to their experience.

2. Seamless Integration

Adding new ad formats to an existing setup can be tricky.

Since most ad formats interfere with the user experience, it’s important to carefully balance them out to prevent overwhelming users.

When introducing offerwalls, there is no need to worry about this.

This ad format doesn’t disrupt the user experience, so there is no need to alter your existing ad placements. Offerwalls are thoughtfully positioned in dedicated areas, allowing users to explore them at their convenience.

3. Improved User Engagement

While intrusive ads typically tend to shorten user sessions, offerwalls tend to extend them. 

The secret lies in their rewarding nature.

Offerwalls provide enticing rewards that encourage users to spend more time using the app or website. According to ironSource, offerwall users have a 1.6x higher session frequency than non-offerwall users. 

The best example of this comes from the mobile gaming environment. 

When players run out of in-game currency, they aren’t forced to abandon the game or make a purchase to prolong their session. Offerwalls appear as an enticing alternative, allowing them to earn the needed currency and pick up where they left off. 

4. Boosting Retention

offerwall monetization user retention

Retention goes hand in hand with user engagement.

Besides improving short-term engagement, offerwall monetization also helps keep players in the long run. Offerwalls are highly effective in boosting user retention from day 7 all the way to day 90.

According to ironSource, offerwall users have 5-7x higher retention rates than non-offerwall users on day 7, day 14, and day 30. On the other hand, Unity reports offerwall users have 5x higher retention rates, with the biggest difference observed in later stages, like day 60 and day 90.  

5. Giving Users a Sense of Control

When users engage with offerwalls — they feel in charge. They get to explore different offers, handpick their favorites, and complete them on their own time. 

On top of that, today’s offerwalls are carefully curated with targeted offers that match the users’ interests. 


Users are in control and spared from irrelevant ads, allowing publishers to pick up ad revenue and maintain a positive user experience. 

6. Monetizing Non-Paying Users

offerwall monetization

Many of your users are reluctant to make direct purchases?

You can maximize their value by expanding your monetization strategy. 

Adding offerwalls to an existing monetization setup allows publishers to monetize more users. This is because many users who aren’t open to spending money on apps are open to paying with their time instead

This creates a win-win situation — users access premium content, developers boost their earnings and advertisers foot the bill. 

7. Unparalleled Ad Revenues (eCPMs)

Out of all the leading ad formats, offerwalls deliver the highest eCPMs (effective cost per mille). 

According to ironSource, the average offerwall eCPM for Android users in the United States is $530. In the same region, rewarded video ads typically yield a modest $17.2, while interstitial ads average $14.62 (Appodeal).

The reason?

Well, just like we see the value of spending more money on quality items, advertisers are willing to pay a higher price for quality users

8. Boosting IAPs

Fear that introducing offerwalls might eat into your IAP revenues? 

This concern comes from the idea that giving out big rewards will discourage users from making purchases.

In reality, offerwalls have the exact opposite effect. According to Kongregate, offerwall users are 10-14x more likely to make in-app purchases than non-offerwall users. 

The magic here is that offerwall rewards let users taste premium content they might not try otherwise. As they dive into offerwall rewards, many eventually decide to take the plunge and make IAPs, enjoying the full premium experience. 

9. Excellent Hybrid Monetization Fit

hybrid monetization setup offerwalls

The trend of hybrid monetization is flourishing and shows no signs of slowing down.

For this reason, today, it’s critical to understand how exactly offerwall monetization fits into this mix.

Unity recently researched how offerwalls perform in mobile games that use hybrid monetization. The results were impressive — offerwalls accounted for an average of 33% of the total ad revenue, with the biggest payouts coming from multi-reward offers. 

What’s the secret to offerwalls’ success in this model?

Offerwalls are a sophisticated monetization method. They work in harmony with existing revenue sources without overshadowing them, expanding the monetization strategy beyond direct selling.

10. Higher LTVs

It’s common knowledge that engaged, loyal users drive high LTVs.

As we already mentioned, offerwall users continuously interact with the “mother” app or website. This ongoing engagement makes them more likely to make IAPs, contribute to ad revenue, and foster a long-lasting commitment

Thanks to all this, offerwall monetization significantly contributes to higher user lifetime values. To put it in numbers, with MAF’s all-in-one monetization solution, you can expect an LTV increase of up to 120%.

Testing Offerwall Monetization 

Excited to try out offerwall monetization for your app or website? 

Check out how MAF’s all-in-one monetization solution can help you elevate your business. Our unique ad formats provide a completely non-intrusive experience that will boost your retention rates and maximize your LTVs. Reach out for more details! 

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