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Explore an extensive list of 60+ game conferences for 2024 with regularly updated details and exclusive promo codes!

Looking for the ultimate list of game conferences for 2024?

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We’re bringing you an extensive list of 60+ leading game conferences set for 2024, complete with regularly updated details. Some conferences even offer exclusive promo codes for added savings!

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game conferences january

Ethical Games Conference

This online conference will bring together game academics to discuss ethical design, development, and game operations. 

Date: January 11th – January 12th, 2024 (Thu-Fri)

Location: Online

Price Range: Free

Website: Ethical Games Conference

Copenhagen Gaming Week

The Copenhagen Gaming Week is a new international festival focused on gaming and esports. 

Date: January 12th – January 14th, 2024 (Fri-Sun)

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

Price Range: 525 DKK (Standard)

Website: Copenhagen Gaming Week

Super Magfest

Short for “music and gaming festival”, MagFest is a four-day celebration of video game music, games, and the gaming community. 

Date: January 18th – January 21st, 2024 (Thu-Sun)

Location: National Harbor, Maryland, US

Price Range: $135 (Single Attendee), $125/person (group of 8 people)

Website: Super Magfest

Digital Gaming India Expo

At Digital Gaming India Expo, you can connect with the key people from India’s gaming scene and learn how the country is advancing with cutting-edge technologies.

Date: January 17th – January 19th, 2024 (Wed-Fri)

Location: New Delhi, India

Price Range: $370 per sqm (Shell Space Stand), $340 per sqm (Raw Space Stand)

Website: Digital Gaming India Expo

Pocket Gamer Connects London

Pocket Gamer Connects London is a cornerstone event in the international calendar of game conferences. Over 2000 games industry professionals will gather at The Brewery for the first PGC of the year to network, discover, pitch, and learn from 200 of the world’s top experts. 

While you’re there, don’t miss the opportunity to meet up with Massimo Caroli, MAF’s COO, who will also attend.

Date: January 22nd – January 23rd, 2024 (Mon-Tue)

Location: London, UK

Price Range: £239 (Indie Dev), £529(Developer/publisher), £739(Professional), £1,400 (VIP) Promo code: (20% with MAFLDN20)

Website: Pocket Gamer Connects London

WN Connect London’24

If you’re in London for the PGC conference, get the most out of your visit and join the WN conference for insightful gaming discussions.

Date: January 23rd, 2024 (Tue)

Location: London, UK

Price Range: Free (Limited online access), €100 (Guaranteed online & on-site access)

Website: WN Connect London’24

AGS SpeakHer Virtual Summit

Join the 5th Annual SpeakHer Virtual Summit by App Growth Summit, exclusively featuring 12 expert women speakers to discuss strategies for app growth.

Date: January 25th, 2024 (Thu)

Location: Online

Price Range: N/A (invite-only)

Website: AGS SpeakHer Virtual Summit

Taipei Game Show – B2B Zone

The Taipei Game Show is a spectacular gaming event featuring a B2B zone where you can meet thousands of game industry professionals. 

Date: January 25th – January 26th, 2024 (Thu-Fri)

Location: Taipei, Taiwan

Price Range: N/A

Website: Taipei Game Show

february events

Steam Next Fest

This week-long gaming celebration allows visitors to try out demos, chat with developers, watch livestreams, and learn about upcoming Steam games. 

Date: February 5th – February 12th, 2024 (Mon-Mon)

Location: Online

Price Range: N/A

Website: Steam Next Fest

Gamesforum Barcelona

Gamesforum Barcelona is one of those game conferences that no mobile gaming professional should miss. Learn all about the latest user acquisition, monetization, and growth trends! 

Date: February 7th – February 8th, 2024 (Wed-Thu)

Location: Barcelona, Spain

Price Range: £200

Website: Gamesforum Barcelona

D.I.C.E. Summit

The D.I.C.E. Summit is an exclusive game networking conference where game developers gather to discuss and exchange knowledge and ideas. 

Date: February 13th – February 15th, 2024 (Tue-Thu)

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada, US

Price Range: N/A

Website: D.I.C.E. Summit

GameDev Summit

This conference brings together developers, game artists, publishers, and investors, with the goal of strengthening the Asia Pacific gaming landscape.

Date: February 15th – February 16th, 2024 (Thu-Fri)

Location: Boracay Island, Philippines

Price Range: $850 (All Access), $685 (Developer/Service Provider), $285 (Indie)

Website: GameDev Summit

MGS 24

Looking for game conferences focused on tech and trends? Look no further, as MGS 24 covers all you need to know about web3, blockchain, AI, and their role in mobile growth!

Date: February 15th – February 16th, 2024 (Thu-Fri)

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada, US

Price Range: Free – $599 (Publisher, Non-Vendor), $599 – $1,999 (Business Dev, Sales, Vendor)

Website: MGS 24

IndieGameBusiness Sessions

Join this online event for lectures on video game marketing, licensing, and business from industry experts.

Date: February 20th – February 21st, 2024 (Tue-Wed)

Location: Online

Price Range: Free Pass (Lectures Only), $50 (All Access Pass)

Website: IndieGameBusiness Sessions


DeveloperWeek is the world’s leading developer & engineering conference that will gather over eight thousand professionals for over 15 conferences and tracks. 

Date: February 21st – February 23rd, 2024 (Wed-Fri)

Location: San Francisco Bay Area, US

Price Range: $1,195 (Premium Pass), $745 (PRO Pass)

Website: DeveloperWeek

MWC Barcelona

Short for Mobile World Congress, this event is focused on mobile, tech, and connectivity. This also includes mobile apps and games, so it’s an important event for mobile marketers. 

Date: February 26th – February 29th, 2024 (Mon-Thu)

Location: Barcelona, Spain

Price Range: €879 (Discovery Exhibition), €2,199 (Leader’s Conference), €4,899 (VIP)

Website: MWC Barcelona


DevGamm is a well-known name among game conferences. At the Gdansk edition, you can expect a large game expo, talks and workshops, and of course, many networking opportunities.

Date: February 28th – February 29th, 2024 (Wed-Thu)

Location: Gdansk, Poland

Price Range: $200 (Business), $85 (Sessions), $75 (Super Early Bird), $150 (Online Networking)

Website: DEVGAMM Gdansk

Games Gathering Lviv

Games Gathering is a leading Ukrainian game conference focused on game development, quality content, and trends, bringing together over 1000 industry professionals. 

Date: February 29th – March 3rd, 2024 (Thu-Sun)

Location: Lviv, Ukraine

Price Range: €9 (Online), €49 (Standard), €99 (Premium), €99 (Online+), €159 (Business)

Website: Games Gathering Lviv

march game conferences

Hamburg Games Conference

The Hamburg Games conference, which has been going strong for 14 years, is one of the must-attend game conferences for industry professionals. The 2024 edition will feature excellent networking opportunities, an expo, and in-depth talks from international experts.

Date: March 5th – March 6th, 2024 (Tue-Wed)

Location: Hamburg, Germany

Price Range: €349 (Business), €199 (Startup)

Website: Hamburg Games Conference

NextGen Game Development Summit

The summit will bring together game industry professionals to explore the latest trends and advancements shaping the game development landscape. 

Date: March 6th – March 7th, 2024 (Wed-Thu)

Location: Cologne, Germany

Price Range: N/A

Website: NextGen Game Development Summit

Pocket Gamer Connects San Francisco

Another event from the well-known PGC series of game conferences will take place in San Francisco. It will include talks, panels, and round-table discussions with mobile game experts, as well as a showcase expo, an indie pitching competition, and other activities.

Date: March 18th – March 19th, 2024 (Mon-Tue)

Location: San Francisco, US

Price Range: $169 (Indie Dev), $369 (Dev/Publisher), $629 (Standard Pro), $1,100 (VIP)

Website: Pocket Gamer Connects San Francisco

Game Connection America

Game Connection America will gather 1500+ senior decision-makers from the video game industry worldwide, focusing on the American gaming market.

Date: March 18th – March 19th, 2024 (Mon-Tue)

Location: San Francisco, US

Price Range: €1,900 (Exhibitor), €490 (Business), €490 (Indie Table) €190(Online)

Website: Game Connection America

Game Developers Conference (GDC)

GDC is one of the biggest and most significant game conferences in the world. Every year, it gathers professionals from the gaming industry, including game developers, designers, artists, and producers in San Francisco. The conference features a mix of lectures, panels, tutorials, and networking events.

Date: March 18th – March 22nd, 2024 (Mon-Fri)

Location: San Francisco, US

Price Range: $1,879 (All Access), $1,299 (Core), $949 (Summits), $199 (EXPO)

Website: Game Developers Conference

AI for Business

Excited about the potential of AI in the games industry? Attend this event to learn from AI experts, and find out how to transform your business with Generative AI.

Date: March 19th, 2024 (Tue)

Location: San Francisco, US

Price Range: N/A

Website: AI for Business

april events

MAU Vegas

MAU (Mobile Apps Unlocked) is the world’s leading summit for mobile user acquisition and retention. Attendees of this event will enjoy two days of educational sessions and top-notch networking. 

Date: April 2nd – April 4th, 2024 (Tue-Thu)

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada, US

Price Range: TBA

Website: MAU Vegas

London Games Festival

The London Games Festival is a celebration of video games and interactive entertainment.  It brings together professionals and game enthusiasts through different events, activities, and networking opportunities.

Date: April 9th – April 25th, 2024 (Tue-Thu)

Location: London, UK

Price Range: TBA

Website: London Games Festival

Reboot Develop Blue

Reboot Develop Blue is a renowned annual game development conference coming back for its 9th edition. It brings together prominent figures from the gaming industry to discuss trends and promote collaboration through talks, panels, and networking.

Date: April 22nd – April 24th, 2024 (Mon-Wed)

Location: Dubrovnik, Croatia

Price Range: €495 (Standard All Access), €985 (Indie Package for Two)

Website: Reboot Develop Blue

App Promotion Summit London

As part of the renowned App Promotion Summit series, this conference gathers professionals to discuss strategies, innovations, and trends in the world of mobile app marketing.

Date: April 25th, 2024 (Thu)

Location: London, UK

Price Range: £300 (Launch In-Person App / Brand), £1,000 (Launch PRO In-Person)

Website: App Promotion Summit London


The organizers call W.A.S.D. “the greatest indie-focused video game event in London”. This event is a part of the wider London Games festival, and it’s a great opportunity to get the most out of your London visit. 

Date: April 25th – April 27th, 2024 (Thu-Sat)

Location: London, UK

Price Range: £30.00 (Early Bird 3 Day Pass), £15.00 (Daily Pass), £65.00 (Industry Pass)

Website: W.A.S.D

game conferences may

A Maze

A MAZE Berlin is an annual gaming festival dedicated to innovative games and playful media. It is intended for all types of creative individuals, from experimental game developers to VR creators and musicians.

Date: May 8th – May 11th, 2024 (Wed-Sat)

Location: Berlin, Germany

Price Range: TBA

Website: A Maze

Digital Dragons

Digital Dragons is one of the leading game conferences in Europe, gathering industry professionals for insightful speaker sessions, panels, and workshops. 

Date: May 19th – May 21st, 2024 (Sun-Tue)

Location: Krakow, Poland

Price Range: TBA

Website: Digital Dragons

Nordic Game Spring

Held annually in the Nordics region, this conference attracts thousands of professionals to network and share insights about game development and industry trends.

Date: May 21st – May 24th, 2024 (Tue-Fri)

Location: Malmö, Sweden

Price Range: €299 (Sale), €599 (Regular)

Website: Nordic Game Spring

For the Win!

For the Win! is an international game conference that will host nearly 30 speakers to discuss video games under the slogan “Building exceptional game industry ecosystems”.

Date: May 23rd – May 24th, 2024 (Thu-Fri)

Location: Belgrade, Serbia

Price Range: TBA

Website: For the Win!

GDCy Fest

What does an outdoor seaside conference sound like to you? GDCy brings you an exciting conference experience that includes a business conference, outdoor activities, and even live music.

Date: May 31st – May 31st, 2024 (Fri-Fri)

Location: Limassol, Cyprus

Price Range: €79 (Standard), €299 (Super Early Bird), €999 (Super VIP)

Website: GDCy Fest

Game Access

Every year, the Game Access conference draws thousands of game dev enthusiasts for inspiring talks, workshops, and networking opportunities. 

Date: May 31st – June 1st, 2024 (Fri-Sat)

Location: Brno, Czech Republic

Price Range: 3,600 CZK (Lite), 4,700 CZK (Standard), 7,000 CZK (Premium)

Website: Game Access

june events

Central Asia Game Show

The Central Asia Game Show serves as a platform for the gaming industry in the Central Asia region, bringing together professionals, developers, publishers, investors, and speakers from all over the world. 

Date: June 6th – June 8th, 2024 (Thu-Sat)

Location: Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic

Price Range: TBA

Website: Central Asia Game Show


The leading game business event in the Netherlands is coming back for its 15th edition. It will gather over 800 game industry professionals looking to grow their businesses, learn from top speakers, and discover new games.

Date: June 19th – June 19th, 2024 (Wed-Wed)

Location: Utrecht, Netherlands

Price Range: TBA

Website: Indigo

BIG Festival

Standing for the Brazilian International Games Festival, the BIG festival is getting bigger every year. In 2023, the event gathered 50 thousand attendees, and the 2024 edition is expected to surpass this number. 

Date: June 26th – June 26th, 2024 (Wed-Wed)

Location: São Paulo, Brazil

Price Range: TBA

Website: BIG Festival

App Promotion Summit NYC

At the App Promotion Summit NYC, you can gain insights into the top app marketing and promotion strategies, straight from America’s leading experts. 

Date: June 27th – June 27th, 2024 (Thu-Thu)

Location: New York, US

Price Range: Free (Online), $500 (In-Person App/Brand), $1500 (PRO In-Person)

Website: App Promotion Summit NYC

game conferences july

Develop: Brighton

Develop: Brighton is the UK’s largest game developer gathering. It consists of a conference, an expo, and an awards ceremony and gathers the entire gaming industry, from global leaders to micro indie developers.

Date: July 9th – July 11th, 2024 (Tue-Thu)

Location: Brighton, UK

Price Range: TBA

Website: Develop: Brighton


BitSummit is Japan’s biggest indie game festival held annually in Kyoto. Every year, the event showcases numerous indie games from Japan and other countries. 

Date: July 19th – July 21st, 2024 (Fri-Sun)

Location: Kyoto, Japan

Price Range: 2,000 JPY

Website: BitSummit

MGS Canada

This premier event for mobile app professionals provides the latest insights on user acquisition, monetization, retention, and engagement. 

Date: July 24th – July 25th, 2024 (Wed-Thu)

Location: Toronto, Canada

Price Range: TBA

Website: MGS Canada


Every year, SIGGRAPH draws the most influential companies and individuals in the creative and tech industries, covering topics like computer graphics and interactive techniques. 

Date: July 28th – August 1st, 2024 (Sun-Thu)

Location: Denver, US

Price Range: TBA


Affiliate Summit East

Affiliate Summit East, the world’s largest affiliate marketing event, will host over 3500 professionals to foster partnerships and sales for advertisers, publishers, affiliates, and tech providers.

Date: July 29th – July 30th, 2024 (Mon-Tue)

Location: New York, US

Price Range: $999 (Networking Pass), $1,199 (VIP Pass)

Website: Affiliate Summit East

august events


Held annually right before Gamescom, Devcom is a conference specifically designed for game developers. The event works as a platform for networking, knowledge sharing, and discussions on various aspects of game development. 

Date: August 18th – August 20th, 2024 (Sun-Tue)

Location: Cologne, Germany

Price Range: €199 (Digital), €399 (Content), €799 (Business), €1499 (VIP&Networking)

Website: Devcom


Gamescom is the world’s biggest gaming event and a staple among game conferences. In 2023, it attracted over 320 thousand visitors, and it’s expected to grow further. The event’s business area is a key networking hub for game industry professionals, including publishers, investors, and developers.

Date: August 21st – August 25th, 2024 (Wed-Sun)

Location: Cologne, Germany

Price Range: TBA

Website: Gamescom

Awe Asia

AWE Asia is a conference that gathers leading XR companies, investors, and other international stakeholders in Asia to support the growth of the regional XR market. 

Date: August 27th – August 28th, 2024 (Tue-Wed)

Location: Singapore

Price Range: $561 (All Access), $1188 (VIP)

Website: Awe Asia

PAX West

PAX West is described as a “celebration of gaming and gaming culture”. This includes video, arcade, tabletop games, and other forms of digital and analog entertainment. 

Date: August 30th – September 2nd, 2024 (Fri-Mon)

Location: Washington, US

Price Range: TBA

Website: PAX West

game conferences in september

Games Industry Law Summit

This invite-only event brings together the top legal minds in gaming to network and discuss the latest legal developments in the gaming industry.

Date: September 3rd – September 5th, 2024 (Tue-Thu)

Location: Vilnius, Lithuania

Price Range: €1400 (Regular Pass), €1700 (Super Pass)

Website: Games Industry Law Summit


DMEXCO is Europe’s biggest event dedicated to digital marketing and technology. This conference gathers digital industry leaders, media and marketing experts, and tech pioneers. 

Date: September 18th – September 19th, 2024 (Wed-Thu)

Location: Cologne, Germany

Price Range: TBA

Website: DMEXCO

App Promotion Summit San Francisco

This conference is a unique opportunity to learn about growth marketing strategies directly from top app growth experts. The event’s agenda includes topics like AI, globalization, best ASO strategies, Privacy Sandbox, etc. 

Date: September 26th, 2024 (Thu)

Location: San Francisco, US

Price Range: Free (Online), $500 (In-Person App/Brand), $1500 (PRO In-Person)

Website: App Promotion Summit San Francisco

MGS Games

MGS Games is an exclusive event for mobile game developers and publishers, providing valuable insights, networking opportunities, and knowledge-sharing sessions.

Date: September 26th – September 26th, 2024 (Thu-Thu)

Location: San Francisco, US

Price Range: TBA

Website: MGS Games

Tokyo Game Show

Tokyo Game Show is one of the world’s largest gaming events that welcomes hundreds of thousands of visitors. This includes top game publishers, console makers, gaming platform representatives, indies, and other gaming professionals.

Date: September 26th – September 29th, 2024 (Thu-Sun)

Location: Tokyo, Japan

Price Range: TBA

Website: Tokyo Game Show

october events

New Zealand Game Developers Conference

This conference gathers game developers, artists, animators, designers, testers, and other industry professionals to learn, create, discover, and connect.

Date: October 17th – October 19th, 2024 (Thu-Sat)

Location: Wellington, New Zealand

Price Range: TBA

Website: New Zealand Game Developers Conference

Gamescom Asia

Gamescom Asia is an extension of Gamescom, the leader among game conferences. The event’s Asian version brings together professionals from the gaming industry in this region to showcase the latest games, technologies, and trends in the sector.

Date: October 19th – October 20th, 2024 (Sat-Sun)

Location: Singapore

Price Range: TBA

Website: Gamescom Asia


Fincon is a digital marketing event that offers valuable insights from finance experts on creating, advertising, and monetizing digital content. 

Date: October 23rd – October 26th, 2024 (Wed-Sat)

Location: Atlanta, US

Price Range: TBA

Website: Fincon

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