User Acquisition (UA)

What is user acquisition?

User acquisition (UA) is the process of driving new users to mobile apps and games through marketing activities focused on installs. UA can be either paid or organic, with the goal of attracting quality app users at the lowest possible cost. 

Why is user acquisition important?

User acquisition is an essential part of growing mobile apps. To find and convert new users, it is extremely important to craft an effective UA strategy. 

This includes choosing the right ad networks, ad formats, targeting strategies, and messaging to reach and attract potential users.

To be successful, UA campaigns should achieve a positive return on investment (ROI). In other words, acquired users should generate revenue higher than the cost of getting them. 

How to approach user acquisition?

In today’s competitive mobile app market, user acquisition costs are higher than they were in the past. For this reason, mobile marketers have become more focused on user quality than user quantity. 

To create a UA strategy that drives quality users, it is vital to focus on the right metrics. This includes user lifetime values (LTVs), retention rates, return on ad spend (ROAS), and average revenue per user (ARPDAU).

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Examples of successful UA Campaigns

Revolut. Learn how MAF helped the finance app Revolut achieve a 17% traffic surge and expand from 5 to 21 countries. Read the Revolut case study. 

Survivor Idle Run. Learn how this mobile game reached a 170% ROAS in the competitive hybrid-casual gaming market. Read the Survivor Idle Run case study