Revolut Leverages MAF Platform & Sees a 17x Traffic Surge

Find out how Revolut leveraged MAF's discovery-based solutions to drive profitable customer acquisition!


Revolut is a global provider of money management and payment services based in London. Initially launched in 2015 as a money transfer and exchange service, it has since evolved into a global financial super app. Guided by a mission to “simplify all things money”, Revolut allows people to manage their finances from a single app. Today, the app has over 30 million customers, allowing payments across 150+ countries and regions, steadily expanding its worldwide presence.


The fintech industry is known for its rapid growth and fierce competition. Because of its wide range of services, Revolut has a particularly long list of rivals.  

Revolut needs to compete head-to-head with established banks, traditional financial institutions, and emerging fintech startups. All these market players share a common goal — to capture the attention of the same target audience and expand their global footprint. 

Expanding into new markets poses an additional challenge — localization. Generally, people place more trust in apps tailored to their specific region or culture. Therefore, to succeed in different territories, it’s important to craft marketing strategies that resonate with local audiences.

To navigate these challenges, Revolut needs to develop marketing approaches that set it apart from the competition, but also demonstrate its value, build trust, and attract a loyal customer base. 


A few years ago, Revolut launched its partner program which soon became one of its key channels for driving new customers. Since September 2022, MAF has become Revolut’s trusted affiliate partner, further boosting the program’s impact.

To get the desired results, MAF implemented a set of strategies that not only achieved but surpassed Revolut’s performance targets.

These strategies included customized brand promos, ad localization, and unified messaging across all digital assets. Among the suite of products at their disposal, Revolut leveraged MAF’s innovative & pioneering ad unit MyChips.

On top of well-rounded strategies, this partnership thrives on top-notch communication. From weekly check-ins to prompt troubleshooting and regular brainstorming jams, both sides actively contributed to this mutual success.


Mychips results Revolut

MAF’s discovery-based advertising solutions have yielded positive results for Revolut in multiple aspects.*

The campaigns began with a humble debut in just 5 countries, but they quickly proved successful, leading to a significant expansion. Today, live campaigns are active across 21 countries, carefully tailored and personalized for each audience.

The impact on traffic has been exponential, surpassing the initial expectations. Between September 2022 and July 2023, the overall campaign traffic increased by a staggering 17x!

However, the value of these campaigns goes beyond traffic spikes — they shine in keeping customers engaged long after the app install. Promo campaigns worked especially well for this, boosting customer commitment with attractive rewards like welcome bonuses and promotional  Premium plan trials.

The campaigns’ impact on customer retention is best reflected in new registrations and transactions.

Since their launch, MAF’s campaigns have seen a whopping 12x increase in new transacting customers and a 6.5x growth in newly registered customers.

Revolut testimonial

Looking Ahead

In light of these beyond-positive results, the strong partnership between Revolut and MAF continues. Fuelled by great communication and a shared performance mindset, we keep striving to explore and unlock new growth opportunities.

If you’re interested in growing your app with MAF, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us directly to learn more!

*Disclaimer: the content, data, findings & results provided in the case study only cover the countries MAF ran campaigns in (Japan, US, UK, Poland, Australia, Singapore, Italy, Netherlands, France, Austria, Germany, Portugal, Croatia, Romania, Denmark, Greece, Ireland, Chile, Sri Lanka)

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