Rewarded Ads

What are rewarded ads?

Rewarded ads are a type of ads that prompt users to complete different actions in exchange for rewards within the app or website. For example, these can include in-app currency, coupons, or cash rewards.  

Types of rewarded ads

There are two main types of rewarded advertising on mobile:

  • Rewarded video ads where users agree to watch video ads to earn small in-app rewards. 
  • Offerwall ads where users complete goal engagements from a list of options in exchange for generous in-app rewards

Why are rewarded ads important?

Rewarded ads are an opt-in ad format that users actively choose to engage with. This makes them significantly less intrusive than traditional ad formats.

By using rewarded ad formats to monetize apps, publishers typically see higher retention rates, increased in-app purchases, and superb ad revenues, all while maintaining a positive UX. On the other hand, advertisers like them because they bring in quality users and they only pay for completed actions. 

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