What is an offerwall?

An offerwall is an ad format where users complete goal engagements in exchange for rewards.

Offerwall ads appear in specific sections of apps or websites and resemble mini stores, listing different actions users can take to earn rewards. For example, completing a survey, installing another app, or reaching a certain level in another game. 

Offerwalls can be a valuable revenue stream for developers who feature them in their app or website, but also for advertisers who use them to promote their apps.

Offerwalls benefits for developers

  • Monetizing non-paying users.  This ad format can help developers monetize a wider range of users. 
  • Improving retention rates. Offerwall users have significantly higher retention rates than non-offerwall users. 
  • Delivering high ad revenue. Offerwalls deliver the highest eCPM out of all other in-app ad formats. 
  • Boosting in-app purchases. Users who engage with this ad format are more likely to make in-app purchases. 
  • Non-intrusive ad format. Offerwalls don’t interfere with the host app’s UX, and users voluntarily engage with them.

Offerwalls benefits for advertisers

  • Delivering high-quality users. Users acquired via offerwalls often spend a lot of time in the advertised app, bringing more value than other users. 
  • Paying for completed actions only. In offerwall advertising, marketers only pay when users complete desired actions. 
  • Low ad fraud. Because of their complex nature, offerwalls are rarely a target of ad fraud.

Types of offerwall ads

There are two common types of offerwall ads: 

  • Single-action offers where users need to complete only one task to receive a reward
  • Multi-reward ads where users need to complete a set of actions to earn rewards

Challenges of offerwall advertising 

Certain types of offerwall campaigns are restricted on iOS, so it’s important to note that offerwall advertising is more effective on Android. Nevertheless, this only applies to in-app offerwalls, while web offerwalls can be a great traffic source for iOS apps.

When to use offerwall advertising?

Offerwall ads are an ideal strategy for app marketers who are looking to stand out from the competition and get quality users. This ad format provides a way to reach an untapped audience that often yields high retention rates and ROAS.

Multireward ad formats like Play2Earn are particularly effective for this. Check out how MAF helped Revolut and Midnite Games get more quality users via offerwall multireward campaigns.