Mobile Game Publisher

What is a mobile game publisher? 

A mobile game publisher is a company specializing in releasing mobile games. The publisher partners with a mobile game developer to publish a certain mobile game according to their agreement, within a certain budget, and on time.

The role of the publisher is to assist the mobile game developer in different aspects of the game publishing process, from design to monetization and user acquisition. To be able to do this, the publisher needs to have a strong understanding of the mobile game market. 

How to choose a mobile game publisher? 

When choosing a publisher to collaborate with, pay attention to their:

  • Portfolio of published games
  • Game testing criteria
  • Distribution capabilities 
  • Revenue model 

If a game developer specializes in a certain genre, it’s positive if they find a publisher with a proven track record of similar games. 

Another important factor in selecting a mobile game publisher is the criteria they set for testing mobile game prototypes. Many publishers are extremely strict with this, while others, like Ciao Games, offer developers a greater chance of getting published.

Different publishers work on different revenue models. Some work on a pay-per-prototype model which is losing popularity, while others work on a revenue sharing model. In this model, the developer and publisher work together to share the revenue generated by a game. 

Ciao Games operates on this model, providing game developers with a fair revenue share. Explore publishing opportunities with Ciao Games!