Mobile Game Monetization

What is mobile game monetization?

Mobile game monetization is a term used to describe different methods of generating revenue from mobile games.

Mobile game monetization models

The majority of mobile games today are free-to-play and don’t charge users for installing a game. To generate revenue from these games, developers leverage different game monetization models:

  • In-app ads. Serving ads to players throughout gameplay. This includes different types of ads like interstitial ads, banner ads, rewarded video ads, and offerwall ads. 
  • In-app purchases. Providing players with options to purchase in-game items like boosters, upgrades, characters, etc.
  • Subscriptions. Players can pay a fee to gain access to specific in-game content for a set period of time (e.g., monthly or weekly).

Alternatively, developers can use a pay-to-play model which charges players to download a game. This model was popular in the early days of mobile gaming, but it’s no longer commonly used.