In-App Advertising

What is in-app advertising? 

In-app advertising (IAA) is a popular app monetization strategy in which app developers make revenue by displaying ads to their users. 

In-app advertising process

In-app advertising is made possible through an automated process called programmatic advertising. 

The developers connect with ad networks via ad mediation platforms, notifying them when they have ad space to fill. The ad network then connects developers with advertisers who compete for ad space. Finally, the highest bidder wins the auction and displays their ad in the app.

Top in-app ad formats

  1. Interstitial ads. Ads that cover the users’ entire screens. 
  2. Rewarded video ads. Ad format that rewards users in exchange for watching a video ad.
  3. Offerwall ads. Ad format that rewards users for completing goal engagements. 
  4. Banner ads. Small rectangular ads that appear in dedicated spaces.
  5. Playable ads. Interactive ads that allow users to test advertised games. 

What are the best practices for in-app advertising?

To create a successful in-app advertising strategy, it is vital to choose suitable ad formats, watch out for ad timing, and continuously analyze and optimize for the best results.

It’s also worth noting that lately, there has been a shift from intrusive advertising formats like interstitial ads to more user-friendly ad formats like rewarded video ads and offerwalls.