Intrusive Ads

What are intrusive ads? 

Intrusive ads are ad units served to app users in unexpected or disruptive ways. These ads frequently result in accidental clicks or interfere with user experiences.

Intrusive ad formats

Some ad formats are considered to be more intrusive than others. In most cases, the term intrusive ads refers to interstitial ads, which take up the users’ entire screens. 

To minimize the use of intrusive interstitial ads in mobile apps, in 2022, Google Play introduced an ad policy that bans developers from using interstitial ads that: 

  • appear unexpectedly 
  • suddenly appear during gameplay or at the start of a content segment
  • pop up before the loading screen of the app
  • cannot be closed after 15 seconds

Non-intrusive ad formats

Rewarded ads are considered to be the least intrusive form of in-app advertising. This includes popular ad formats like rewarded video ads and offerwalls. These ads are completely opt-in, appearing only when the user chooses to interact with them.

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