Installs Per Mille (IPM)

What is IPM?

IPM stands short for Installs per Mille. It is a mobile advertising metric that measures the number of app installs per one thousand ad impressions

Why is IPM important?

Tracking Installs Per Mille helps mobile advertisers understand how relevant their ads are to their audiences. Measuring IPMs helps advertisers optimize ad creatives, refine their targeting strategies, and assess the quality of ad networks.

Lately, more and more advertisers are recognizing the value of IPMs, and have started tracking it as their primary metric. 

How to calculate IPM?

To calculate IPM, multiply the number of app installs by 1000 and divide that number by the number of impressions of that campaign. For example, if 300 users installed an app out of 3,000 impressions, Installs Per Mille would be 100. 

ipm formula