Hyper-Casual Games

What are hyper-casual games?

Hyper-casual games are free-to-play mobile games known for their lightweight, minimalistic design and simple mechanics. These games are easily understandable — players can pick them up in a matter of seconds. Because of this, they attract broad and diverse gaming audiences. 

Some other characteristics of hyper-casual games include:

  • Quick development 
  • Short play sessions
  • Addictive and repetitive gameplay
  • Ad monetization

Popularity of hyper-casual games

Hyper-casual games were first popularized in 2013, with the arrival of Flappy Bird, a megapopular mobile game. Since then, numerous gaming studios have started developing hyper-casual games. 

Over the years, they have maintained their dominance as the world’s most downloaded mobile game genre, and this trend continues.

However, it’s important to note that today’s hyper-casual games market is extremely saturated. Due to intense competition and rising costs, many game developers are turning to different game genres like hybrid-casual and casual games.