Hybrid-Casual Games

What are hybrid-casual games? 

Hybrid-casual games are mobile games that combine simple hyper-casual core gameplay with more complex gaming elements. This includes multiple progression systems, meta layers, and social features. 

The purpose of these games is to attract a broad audience like hyper-casual games, but achieve better retention rates and LTVs.

How do hybrid games monetize?

Hybrid-casual games typically leverage a hybrid monetization model, a combination of in-app ads and in-app purchases. In most cases, these games include interstitial ads, banner ads, rewarded video ads, and in-app purchase offers. 

In recent years, many mobile game studios have shifted their focus from hyper-casual to hybrid-casual games. 

This shift is driven by the oversaturation of hyper-casual games in the market and the rising costs of acquiring users. Hybrid-casual titles are gaining popularity among developers because they can retain users for longer and generate more revenue than hyper-casual games.

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