CPI (Cost per Install)

What is CPI (Cost per Install)?

CPI is a pricing model used exclusively in user acquisition for mobile apps. With this model, the advertiser pays the ad network each time a user installs the app through an ad. 

Beyond being a pricing model, Cost per Install is frequently tracked as a key metric in different ad campaigns. 

CPIs can be lower or higher, depending on different factors, including: 

  • user location
  • device platform
  • ad network
  • app category

Why is CPI important?

CPI is one of the most widely used metrics in mobile app user acquisition. It provides a clear and direct insight into the cost of acquiring each new app user. By closely monitoring this metric, app advertisers can fine-tune their campaigns, refine their strategies, and optimize their ad budgets. 

Advertisers aim to achieve a low CPI, which can be done by following industry best practices. Find out which by reading our detailed guide for lowering CPIs.

How to calculate CPI?

To calculate the CPI of an ad campaign, divide its ad spend by the number of generated installs from the same period. 

cpi formula