App Stickiness

What is app stickiness? 

App stickiness is a metric that reflects an app’s ability to engage and retain users. A “sticky” app constantly gives users reasons to come back to the app, maintaining a loyal audience and high engagement rates.

Why is stickiness important?

Measuring stickiness is important because it tells developers if users are finding enough valuable content in the app. High user stickiness usually leads to high retention rates, good app store reviews, and ultimately, higher revenues. 

How to calculate app stickiness?

To calculate app stickiness, divide your daily active users (DAU) by monthly active users (MAU), and multiply the result by 100 to express it as a percentage.

app stickiness formula

What is considered a good app stickiness?

As a rule of thumb, a stickiness rate over 20% is considered good, while anything above 25% is seen as exceptional.