App Onboarding

What is app onboarding?

App onboarding is the process of introducing users to an app or a game. It consists of a series of steps that help users navigate the app and understand its main features. 

The onboarding process can be longer or shorter, depending on the type of app. For example, a simple, hyper-casual mobile game can onboard users very quickly, while mid-core games typically require an extensive tutorial. 

Best practices for app onboarding 

  • Keep it simple and to the point. Educate users about your app by highlighting only the core features and avoid overwhelming them with information.
  • Make it interactive. Users prefer interactive onboarding experiences that allow them to try things out on the go.
  • Make it skippable. Some users wish to skip the onboarding process and explore the app on their own, so it’s good to provide this option.