2023 Event Calendar: Top Mobile Marketing & Mobile Gaming Events

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In this article, we’re bringing you a list of all of the important mobile marketing and mobile gaming events that will take place throughout 2023. Additionally, we included all the important dates you should be aware of.

Note: Event dates may be subject to change during the year, but we will keep this article up to date. Therefore, if you want quick access to the latest information, make sure to add this article to your bookmarks!

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mobile gaming events january

Mobidictum Network — Istanbul

The well-known Mobidictum Business Meetup has been renamed Mobidictum Network. In this event, game industry professionals come together to share knowledge and learn new things. The event will be split into two separate areas — session and networking area. If you want to participate, get your ticket quickly because the event is limited to 300 attendees.

When: January 13th, 2023

Where: Istanbul, Turkey

Cost:   79 EUR — 179 EUR

WebsiteMobidictum Network

Pocket Gamer Connects London

The start of each year is traditionally reserved for Pocket Gamer Connects, one of the world’s leading mobile gaming events. This two-day conference will gather more than 2,000 attendees eager to learn, pitch, and network. Some of the main topics of the event will be mobile gaming, web3, the metaverse, XR, etc. While you’re there, seize the opportunity to meet up with Massimo Caroli, MAF’s COO, who will also attend.

When: January 23rd — January 24th, 2023

Where: London, UK

Cost: £299.00 (Indie), £699 (Standard), £1299 (VIP)

Website: Pocket Gamer Connects London

Notable Days in January 2023

  • New Year’s Day (January 1st)
  • National Youth Day (January 13th)
  • Blue Monday (January 13th)
  • Chinese New Year (January 23rd)
  • Data Privacy Day (January 29th)

events february

Taipei Game Show

The Taipei Game Show will consist of a B2B and B2C zone. In the B2B zone, game developers, advertisers, and others can discuss business opportunities. Meanwhile, the B2C zone provides gamers with insights into the latest gaming trends. The event’s theme will be “Come in the Gameverse” and will be held both in-person and online. We’ll be there as well, so come say hello to Carrie and Ruby, MAF’s representatives!

When: February 2nd — February 5th, 2023

Where: Taipei, Taiwan

Cost: Free (Basic B2B pass), TWD 500 (Premium Pass)

Website: Taipei Game Show

Yorkshire Games Festival

The organizers describe this event as “a unique festival of all things gaming”. One of the event’s highlights will be its traditional Game Talks, which will feature an impressive lineup of speakers, from studio leaders to designers and developers. This event will have something for everyone, from masterclasses and workshops to games and networking.

When: February 4th — February 10th, 2023

Where: Yorkshire, UK

Cost:  N/A

Website: Yorkshire Games Festival

Gamesforum Barcelona

This two-day event will gather mobile gaming professionals who will discuss the industry’s key challenges in 2023 and beyond. The first day of the event will be dedicated to user acquisition, while the second day will focus on ad monetization. If you work in this industry and look for mobile gaming events to attend, Gamesforum Barcelona should certainly be on your list.

When: February 8th — February 9th, 2023

Where: Barcelona, ​​Spain

Cost: £170.00 (Early Bird Conference Pass) — £799.00 (Solution Provider)

Website: Gamesforum Barcelona

G4 Final Boss

G4 Final Boss is one of a few new mobile gaming events on this list. This business and development conference aims to connect the gaming and non-gaming industry by providing a networking platform. The event will consist of a conference program, a B2B expo, and an Indie Open Expo.

When: February 8th — February 9th, 2023

Where: Dusseldorf, Germany

Cost: 177.31 EUR

Website: G4 Final Boss

Games Growth Summit

Just like its name suggests, the Games Growth Summit is an event focused on all aspects of gaming business growth. This covers everything, from marketing and finance to development and legal systems. You’ll have the opportunity to learn about all of this from experts and walk away with a success toolkit to help you scale your business.

When: February 23rd, 2023

Where: London, UK

Cost: £65 — £175

Website: Games Growth Summit

App Growth Summit LA

App Growth Summit is one of the world’s most significant mobile app and mobile gaming events. It will bring together brands, app marketers, gaming and entertainment companies looking to grow their businesses. Since the event works on an invite-only basis, you can expect high-quality connections and a top-notch learning experience.

When: February 23rd, 2023

Where: Los Angeles, California, US

Cost: N/A (invite-only)

Website: App Growth Summit LA

Mobile World Congress

MWC Barcelona is the world’s biggest event dedicated to mobile connectivity. It will cover topics like 6G planning, immersive technology, private networks, etc. At the event, visitors will get exclusive access to cutting-edge tech solutions. Although this congress isn’t specifically about gaming, it is about the factors that affect the present and future of gaming. Make sure to meet up with MAF representatives at the Italian Pavilion!

When: February 27th – March 2nd, 2023

Where: Barcelona, ​​Spain

Cost: 799 EUR (Discovery Pass) — 4,499 EUR (VIP Pass)

Website: MWC Barcelona

Notable Days in February 2023

  • Internet Friends Day (February 13th)
  • Valentine’s Day (February 14th)
  • International Mother Language Day (February 22nd)
  • Pokemon Day (February 27th)
mobile gaming events march

Hamburg Games Conference

For the past 10 years, the Hamburg Games Conference has made a regular appearance on every game industry professional’s calendar. In 2023, the conference is returning as an in-person event, themed “Invest in Games”. If you’re interested in learning about the current and upcoming gaming trends, untapped potentials, and potential obstacles, book your ticket now.

When: March 1st — March 2nd, 2023

Where: Hamburg, Germany

Cost: 149 EUR (Small Enterprises) — 299 EUR (Business Ticket)

Website: Hamburg Games Conference

DevGAMM Gdansk

In 2023, the renowned DevGamm conference will be held in Gdańsk and will bring together publishers, game designers, and other gaming enthusiasts. On the spot, visitors can expect top-tier sessions held by industry leaders, a game expo, career opportunities, parties, and much more.

When: March 1st — March 2nd, 2023

Where: Gdansk, Poland

Cost: $150 (Indie Dev), $200 (Standard), $350 (Business)

Website: DevGAMM Gdansk

Game Developers Conference (GDC)

If you’re a game developer, this is one of those mobile gaming events you shouldn’t miss. This five-day conference offers great networking, education, and problem-solving opportunities. Besides the conference part, there will also be a GDC Expo focused on disruptive solutions and the latest tools from leading tech companies. The MAF team will also be there, so feel free to give us a visit!

When: March 20th — March 24th, 2023

Where: San Francisco

Cost: $293 (Expo) – $2,204 (All Access)

Website: Game Developers Conference

App Promotion Summit London

The App Promotion Summit is one of the world’s best-known app growth and marketing events. By attending this event, you’ll get a unique chance to learn from Europe’s top app growth experts. You’ll leave the summit with a lot of new ideas and strategies for expanding and scaling your app.

When: March 23rd, 2023

Where: London, UK

Cost: £400.00 (Super Early Bird App/Brand Ticket) — £1,500.00 (Super Early Bird PRO)

Website: App Promotion Summit London

Digital Gaming India Expo

As a developing gaming nation, India will host an event for the entire gaming ecosystem, from India and abroad. The main goal of this event is to demonstrate the connection between gaming and emerging technologies like VR, blockchain, and robotics.

When: March 27th — March 29th, 2023

Where: New Delhi, India

Cost: Booking an exhibition stand ($350 per sqm)

Website: Digital Gaming India Expo

London Games Festival

The London Games Festival is a multi-day event that celebrates game art, interactive entertainment, culture, and business. This will be its 7th edition, and it comes with a theme —  “Escape the Metaverse ”. Over the years, the event has connected over 5000 investors and studios, and this number is set to grow further in 2023.

When: March 29th — April 8th, 2023

Where: London, UK

Cost: Each event comes at a different price

Website: London Games Festival

App Growth Summit NYC 

Another attractive App Growth Summit in 2023 will take place in New York City. This event will focus on three key areas —  acquisition, product, and retention. At the venue, visitors can expect 36 expert speakers, 18 specific sessions, and plenty of networking opportunities.

When: March 30th, 2023

Where: New York City, US

Cost: N/A (invite-only)

Website: App Growth Summit NYC

Notable Days in March 2023

  • Zero Discrimination Day (March 1st)
  • International Day of Unplugging (March 4th)
  • International Women’s Day (March 8th)
  • International Day Of Awesomeness (March 10th)
  • St Patrick’s Day (March 17th)
  • International Day of Happiness (March 20th)
  • First Day of Spring (March 20th)
  • Earth Hour (March 25th)
events april

East Coast Game Conference (ECGC)

This event is organized by the Triangle Game Initiative, which supports over 40 gaming companies in the North Carolina area. ECGC is the biggest conference for game developers on the East Coast. It will host a big number of expert speakers, experienced and indie developers, as well as students trying to land a job in the industry.

When: April 18th — April 20th, 2023

Where: Raleigh, North Carolina, US

Cost: $30 (Expo Pass) - $399 (VIP Pass)

Website: ECGC

App Growth Summit Berlin

All the events organized by the App Growth Summit are worth visiting, but the Berlin edition stands out as the largest one. With 72 expert speakers in 24 sessions, this event is an excellent opportunity for app and gaming professionals to learn and network.

When: April 19th – April 20th, 2023

Where: Berlin, Germany

Cost: N/A (invite-only)

Website: App Growth Summit Berlin

Reboot Develop Blue

Reboot Develop Blue is a renowned Croatian conference for game developers, game marketers, and other industry professionals. The 2023 event will be the biggest so far — it will host more than 150 speakers in 8 tracks over the course of three days, as well as a B2B and indie expo.

When: April 24th — April 26th, 2023

Where: Dubrovnik, Croatia

Cost: 485 EUR (Standard All Access), 975 EUR (Indie for Two), 1,350.45 EUR (VIP)

Website: Reboot Develop Blue

Notable Days in April 2023

  • April Fool’s Day (April 1st)
  • Easter Sunday (April 9th)
  • World Art Day (April 15th)
  • World Creativity and Innovation Day (April 21st)
  • Earth Day (April 22nd)
  • World Design Day (April 27th)
events may

A MAZE Berlin

A MAZE Berlin is an annual gaming festival dedicated to innovative games and playful media. This includes immersive art, world-building, controversial games, etc. The organizers are inviting all types of creative individuals, from experimental game developers to VR creators and musicians to join.

When: May 10th — May 13th, 2023

Where: Berlin, Germany

Cost: Free (Online), 130 EUR (Regular)

Website: A MAZE Berlin

Promo code: 10% with code MAF10

Mobidictum Network Izmir

Just like all Mobidictum’s events, the Izmir conference makes a great chance to learn, pitch, and network. This one-day conference will gather game devs, studios, publishers, investors, and service providers. The event is limited to 250 attendees, so if you want to attend, better hurry up. Also, check out our exclusive discount code below!

When: May 11th — May 11th, 2023

Where: Izmir, Turkey

Cost: 49 EUR (Studio), 79 EUR (Basic), 179 EUR (Pro), 279 EUR (Business)

Website: Mobidictum Network Izmir

Promo Code: 15% with code partner-maf15

Digital Dragons Conference

Every year, the Digital Dragons conference brings together professionals from the digital entertainment sector. Among others, this includes experienced hit makers, indie developers, publishers, investors, and media outlets. The conference also hosts a special event for developers called the Digital Dragons Arena, where they can pitch their games to potential investors and publishers.

When: May 15th — May 16th, 2023

Where: Krakow, Poland

Cost: 325 EUR (Regular), 400 EUR (Business), 650 EUR (VIP), 85 EUR (Arena Pass)

Website: Digital Dragons Conference

Pocket Gamer Connects Seattle 

PG Seattle is an integral part of Pocket Gamer’s leading conference event series. This year’s event will feature expect expert insights on topics ranging from monetization and UA to trends like AI, web3, etc. In collaboration with Pocket Gamer, we’re bringing you our very own discount code for this event. Check it out below!

When: May 16th – May 17th, 2023

Where: Seattle, Washington, US

Cost: $105 (Indie Dev), $460 (Dev/Publisher), $800 (Standard), $1049 (VIP)

Website: PG Connects Seattle

Promo Code: 20% with code MAFSEA20

Nordic Game Conference

The Nordic Game conference is held two times a year — in spring and autumn. Join its spring edition to learn all about building successful gaming businesses from expert Nordic and international speakers. The highlight of the conference is the Nordic Games Awards ceremony which honors the best games from the Nordic games industry.

When: May 23rd — May 26th, 2023

Where: Malmo, Sweden

Cost: 599 EUR (Regular)

Website: Nordic Game Conference

MAU Vegas

MAU Vegas is one of a few mobile gaming events on this list that is entirely focused on mobile. The world’s leading mobile acquisition and retention summit will have a rich two-day program. Every year, over 2500 mobile industry leaders get together in Vegas to learn, build relationships and have some fun. Besides registering to attend this event, there is still time to apply to become a speaker, so hurry up if you’re interested.

When: May 23rd — May 25th, 2023

Where: Las Vegas, Nevada, US

Cost: Free (Marketer Complimentary), $1,595 (Agency), $2095 (Vendor)

Website: MAU Vegas

Notable Days in May 2023

  • Star Wars Day (May 4th)
  • Cinco de Mayo (May 5th)
  • World Laughter Day (May 7th)
  • Mother’s Day (May 14th)
  • International Day Against Homo & Transphobia (May 17th)
  • Memorial Day (May 29th)
  • National Creativity Day (May 30th)
mobile gaming events june

Baltic Dev Days

Baltic Dev Days is an event that brings together everyone involved in the game development process — from programmers and decision-makers to artists and designers. During the two days of the event, attendees can expect exciting panels, talks, and workshops.

When: June 1st – June 2nd, 2023

Where: Kiel, Germany

Cost: 149 EUR (Indie), 275 EUR (Business), 125 EUR (Opening), 30 EUR (Education)

Website: Baltic Dev Days

Game Access Conference

Every year, the Game Access Conference draws thousands of gaming enthusiasts to the heart of Europe. What makes this event stand out from others is its casual atmosphere, inspiring speakers, marvelous design, and rich supporting program.

When: June 2nd — June 3rd, 2023

Where: Brno, Czech Republic

Cost: 157 EUR (Lite), 199 EUR (Standard), 280 EUR (Premium)

Website: Game Access Conference

App Promotion Summit NYC

If you want to learn about the best app growth strategies directly from experts, join the biggest app marketing conference in the US The event is split into three separate zones, each of which addresses a different aspect of app growth. These are App Store Optimization zone, User Acquisition & Product zone, and Engagement zone.

When: June 22nd, 2023

Where: New York City, US

Cost: Free (Online), $600 (Early Bird App/Brand Ticket) — $2000 (Early Bird PRO)

Website: App Promotion Summit NYC

Game Con Canada (GCC)

Game Con Canada is about all things gaming. Whether you’re part of a mobile gaming studio, AAA, VR, or AR game studio, a tabletop developer, or something else, this is the place where you can present your latest gaming project. This conference gathers thousands of gamers looking to play games, socialize and discover new gaming experiences.

When: June 23rd to June 25th, 2023

Where: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Cost: $108 (Adult All Access Weekend Pass), $45 (Single Day Pass)

Website: Game Con Canada

Notable Days in June 2023

  • World Environment Day (June 5th)
  • Best Friends Day (June 8th)
  • International Children’s Day (June 13th)
  • Yellow Day, the happiest day of the year (June 20th)
  • First Day of Summer (June 21st)
  • LGBTQIA+ Pride (June 28th)
  • Social Media Day (June 31st)
july conferences

Develop: Brighton

Develop: Brighton is the UK’s largest game developer gathering. It brings together the entire gaming industry, from global leaders to micro indie developers. The event consists of a conference, an expo, and an awards ceremony. This is the kind of place where you pitch your game, make deals, and, of course, connect with industry peers.

When: July 11th — July 13th, 2023

Where: Brighton, United Kingdom

Cost: 17 different passes, check them out here

Website: Develop: Brighton

Pocket Gamer Connects Toronto

After the success of its first edition, Pocket Gamer is organizing another conference in Toronto. Some of the topics this event will cover are mobile gaming, web3, metaverse, PC, and XR gaming.

Want to visit? Don’t forget to our 20% discount code to get a deal on attending the event!

When: July 19th – July 20th, 2023

Where: Toronto, Canada

Cost:CA $85 (Indie Dev), CA $361.60 (Dev/Publisher), CA $561.60 (Standard), CA$1144 (VIP)

Website: PGC Toronto

Promo Code: 20% with code MAFTOR20

Notable Days in July 2023

  • Independence Day (July 4th)
  • National Video Games Day (July 8th)
  • World Emoji Day (July 17th)
  • International Friendship Day (July 30th)
august conferences


The summer season isn’t packed with mobile gaming events, but it’s reserved for some of the most important ones. Gamescom is the world’s largest gaming event, attracting over 250 thousand visitors in its last edition. We still don’t know exactly what’s planned for 2023, but you can expect the usual parts of the event. This includes an entertainment area, business area, cosplay area, Opening Night Live, and a game awards show.

When: August 23rd — August 27th, 2023

Where: Cologne, Germany

Cost: from 118.50 EUR to 172 EUR (B2B), from 80.50 EUR to 153.50 EUR (B2C), check details

Website: Gamescom

Notable Days in August 2023

  • International Cat Day (August 8th)
  • National Lazy Day (August 10th)
  • International Youth Day (August 12th)
  • Women’s Equality Day (August 26th)
mobile gaming events september

DMEXCO (Digital Marketing Exposition & Conference)

Another event taking place in Cologne is DMEXCO, Europe’s biggest event dedicated to digital marketing and technology. This conference gathers digital industry leaders, media and marketing experts, as well as tech pioneers. Thanks to a rich program of seminars, expos, debates, and masterclasses, visitors can get a sneak peek at the digital business of the future.

When: September 20th — September 21st, 2023

Where: Cologne, Germany

Cost: TBA in July

Website: DMEXCO

Tokyo Game Show (TGS)

Tokyo Game Show is one of the world’s largest gaming events that welcomes hundreds of thousands of visitors each year. As such, it brings together top game publishers, console makers, gaming platform representatives, indies, etc. TGS has it all —  big names, new contestants, innovation, and even cosplay. Just like last year, the MAF team won’t be missing out on this huge event, so let’s meet up!

When: September 21st – September 24th, 2023

Where: Chiba, Japan

Cost: ¥1,300 — ¥2,300

Website: TGS

Notable Days in September 2023

  • Labor Day (September 4th)
  • International Day of Charity (September 5th)
  • Gaming Day (September 12th)
  • International Day of Peace (September 21st)
  • Start of Fall (September 22nd)
october conferences


EGX is the UK’s biggest annual video game convention, described as a “celebration of all things gaming”. Some of the features of the 2023 event are already known: Retro Zone, Tabletop Zone, Console Corner, and Video Game Library. There will also be guided tours, competitions, lectures, and live demonstrations.

When: October 12th — October 15th, 2023

Where: London, UK

Cost: TBA

Website: EGX

SXSW Sydney

SXSW is not just about gaming — this event revolves around different aspects of creativity and culture. This includes music, screen, technology, innovation, and gaming. For the first time ever, this event will take place outside of the US. But, just like in its previous editions, it will gather professionals looking to shape and explore future trends and breakthrough technologies.

When: October 15th — October 22nd, 2023

Where: Sydney, Australia

Cost: AUD $1,295 (Platinum Badge), AUD $895 (Tech, Games, Music or Screen Badge)

Website: SXSW

Notable Days in October 2023

  • International Day Of Nonviolence (October 2nd)
  • National Techies Day (October 3rd)
  • World Smile Day (October 7th)
  • World Mental Health Day (October 10th)
  • Train Your Brain Day (October 13th)
mobile gaming events november

Notable Days in November 2023

  • Day of the Dead (November 2nd)
  • International Marketing Day (November 4th)
  • World Kindness Day (November 13th)
  • Thanksgiving Day (November 23rd)
  • Black Friday (November 24th)
  • Cyber ​​Monday (November 27th)
december events

SIGGRAPH Asia Conference

Every year, SIGGRAPH hosts two conferences — one in Asia and the other in North America. These gatherings traditionally draw the most influential companies and individuals in the creative and tech industries. Some of the main topics of the Asian edition of the event will be interactive techniques, animation, gaming, education, and cutting-edge technologies.

When: December 12th — December 15th, 2023

Where: Sydney, Australia

Cost: TBA

Website: SIGGRAPH Asia

Notable Days in December 2023

  • Human Rights Day (December 10th)
  • Start of Hanukkah (December 18th)
  • Games Day (December 20th)
  • First Day of Winter (December 21st)
  • Christmas Eve (December 24th)
  • Christmas Day (December 25th)

Mobile Marketing & Mobile Gaming Events Wrap Up

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mobile gaming events spreadsheet

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