New Brand, Same Mission: Introducing MAF

Press Release

MyAppFree has rebranded to MAF, reflecting the company’s transition from a beginning network to an all-in-one solution.

March 13, 2023 – myAppFree, announced today a significant milestone in its journey: the company is rebranding to MAF and unveiling a brand new look.

This change reflects the company’s growth and evolution since it started its journey in 2016 as a network offering monetization solutions for publishers. 

Over the past years, MAF has made remarkable advances in the industry by prioritizing innovation and excellence. As a result, it has evolved into an all-in-one solution for app growth and monetization. Today, its new branding aligns with MAF’s commitment to assisting developers turning their apps into profitable businesses.

full logo rebranding
Embracing Change: Our journey from the old to the new logo.

“As we transition to the new MAF brand, we remain committed to providing the same high-level quality products and support that we have always offered under the myAppFree name,” said Riccardo, CEO at MAF. 

“We are grateful to all our clients who have trusted us over the past 7 years as myAppFree,” said Riccardo. “We are excited about the upcoming years as we will continue to transform advertising into discovery as MAF.”

About MAF

MAF assists developers in turning their apps into successful businesses and making the app economy more prosperous. The company offers an all-in-one solution to grow and monetize apps, transforming advertising into a discovery.