Revolut Leverages MAF Platform & Sees a 17x Traffic Surge

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Revolut partnered with MAF as an affiliate and saw impressive customer acquisition results that exceeded performance targets. This includes a 17% campaign traffic growth and campaign expansion from 5 to 21 countries. 


Campaign traffic growth

Growth in new transacting users



Revolut is a global provider of money management and payment services based in London. Guided by a mission to “simplify all things money”, Revolut allows people to manage their finances from a single app. Today, the app has over 30 million customers, allowing payments across 150+ countries and regions, steadily expanding its worldwide presence.


Strong Fintech Competition

Revolut faces strong competition in the fintech industry, competing with established banks, traditional financial institutions and emerging fintech startups. 



As Revolut expands globally, this highlights the need for localized marketing and a clear value proposition in new markets. 



Among the suite of products at their disposal, Revolut leveraged MyChips, MAF’s innovative and pioneering ad unit. 

Set of Strategies

To reach Revolut’s performance targets, MAF implemented a set of marketing strategies, including brand promos, ad localization, and unified messaging across all digital assets.


Campaign traffic growth

Transacting users growth

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