Ciao Games x MyChips Help Onarlar Games Boost IAP Revenue by 5x

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Onarlar Games partnered with Ciao Games, MAF’s publishing branch, to boost their userbase and game revenues. They leveraged MAF’s in-house user acquisition solution, MyChips, and achieved a 5x IAP revenue increase and 46% D1 retention. 

IAP revenue increase


D1 retention



Onarlar Games is a game development studio based in Turkey founded in 2021 which developed five mobile games so far. 

Idle Mining Company

The studio’s most successful game is Idle Mining Company with over 300,000 downloads. This idle tycoon game stands out in the hybrid-casual market for its simple and addictive gameplay. 


 Attracting High-Value Users

Onarlar Games faced challenges in attracting high-quality users via standard ad networks for Idle Mining Company. 


Monetization Challenges

As traditional monetization strategies have become less effective, the studio faced certain monetization difficulties.



To broaden its userbase with quality users, Onarlar Games leveraged MyChips,  MAF’s advertising solution known for driving high-value app users. 

Hybrid Monetization

Ciao Games suggested modifying Idle Mining Company’s IAP monetization strategy by introducing ad placements to its existing IAP strategy, boosting its IAP revenues.  

IAP revenue increase


D1 retention


D8 retention

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