Gain.GG Integrates MyChips and Sees a +10% Revenue Boost 

Discover how integrating MyChips led to a revenue boost for, one of the leading GPT websites on the market.
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Gain.GG is a GPT (Get-Paid-To) site that allows users to earn rewards by completing offers, tasks, and surveys. Founded in 2018, it has grown into one of the biggest GPT sites on the market. The site has over 375,000 active users and has paid out more than $1.75 million to its users. Gain.GG gives users plenty of options to earn rewards, hosting a variety of offerwalls and withdrawal methods. The company is particularly focused on providing its users with quick and reliable customer support and fast withdrawals. 


When GPT sites integrate new offerwalls, they often face the same issue — they start strong but then drop significantly over time.

This can happen for many reasons such as improper optimization, decline in offer quality, poor targeting, etc. 

This was also a challenge for Gain.GG, as many of their existing offerwalls have seen declining revenue. For this reason, they have focused on broadening their offer selection and giving users new attractive options to earn rewards. 


Always being on the lookout for reliable offerwall partners, Gain.GG chose to integrate the MyChips offerwall.

As stated by Gain.GG: “We decided to integrate MyChips because it is a large and reliable offerwall with a good selection of offers. Since it’s also used by the likes of Swagbucks, we knew that it’s completely trustworthy.”

Besides its positive reputation, another reason Gain.GG opted for the MyChips offerwall was user demand. “We had multiple requests from users asking if we could integrate the wall, showing its popularity and that it would be used by our users.” 

Equally important, with the MyChips offerwall, the publisher didn’t see a performance decline over time like with other offerwalls — instead, it improved. MyChips has a track record of delivering positive results over time thanks to superb campaign optimization, excellent customer support, early payouts, and retention-boosting ad formats. 


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The MyChips offerwall immediately lived up to its strong reputation in the industry. In 3 months after implementing MyChips, Gain. gg saw a 10% revenue growth compared to the 3 months before implementation. 

Most importantly, the positive trend didn’t stop there. 

Unlike many other offerwalls that deliver good initial results but then decline, MyChips achieved the opposite. At Gain.GG, they highlight consistently positive results: “The revenue generated by MyChips almost doubled in the second month compared with the first month. Moreover, in the 8 months it has been active, we have continued to see solid revenue figures from the wall.

Besides revenue, the MyChips offerwall also boosted offer completions by 10%. This reflects a user satisfaction increase among Gain.GG users who have gained access to a broad inventory of offers. Gain.GG received positive feedback from its users regarding this improvement.

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Excellent communication and mutual support have also been important factors behind these results. As observed by Gain.GG: “MyChips has a great support system, and we can expect to receive fast replies from them whenever we have an issue. We have a dedicated chat with their employees where we can ask any questions we may have. They also recently introduced us to a publisher growth manager, who will help to grow our revenue even further. case study mychips highlight

Looking Ahead

In light of this ongoing success, Gain.GG and MyChips are keeping their partnership running and continue looking for new growth opportunities.

Are you interested in growing your GPT site or app with MyChips? Let’s talk about how it can benefit your users and increase your revenues. testimonial mychips
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